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Quick Study Guide on Operating Systems



Quick Study Guide on Operating Systems

Quick Study Guide on Operating Systems is specially designed for readers who want to attempt ETS Major Field Test in Computer Science. The ebook contains relevant study material, and a lot of multiple choice questions (MCQs). It contains answers and explanations to MCQs. The content and questions are carefully curated to describe, practice, and test the technicalities involved in the common topics in the subject. It will be highly helpful to the reader in excelling in the test.

Topics Covered: Operating System Design, Process Management, Process Scheduling, Process Synchronization- Critical Section, Semaphores, Critical Regions and Monitors, Threads, Deadlocks- Prevention, Avoidance, Detection and Recovery, Memory Management- Paging, Segmentation, Demand Paging, File Management, I/O Management, OS Protection and Security, MCQs with answers and explanations.

Number of MCQs: 396
Total Number of Pages: 85
Edition: 2020
Format: PDF

Suited for in-class Quizzes, End-Term examinations, placement and entrance examinations.

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