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Need of the Proposed Solution

♣ Does your child’s teacher complains about him being inattentive in class?

♣ Does your child finds education curriculum boring?

♣ Do you find difficulty in making him sit for studies?

♣ Are you worried about his class performance?

♣ Are you worried about his constant engagement with television or mobile phone?

♣ Does your child fond of playing computer games?

♣ Do you want an easy way to create interest in him towards his studies?

♣ Do you want him to devote more time on studies?

♣ Do you want that your child learn important concepts even while playing?

If answer to one or some of the above questions is ‘Yes’, we have a solution for you!!!

Let your child learn educational curriculum by playing games.

Strategic Vision

♣ Leverage on potentional of games to engage players for long time

♣ Use the elements of game playing for learning

♣ Integrate game playing with curriculum to inculcate creative thinking, analysis based learning, goal attainment

♣ Increase learning outcomes of students

♣ Gamify core essential components of curriculum from Class 1 to Class 12

Value Proposition

♣ Extreme learning experience for students

♣ Coverage of complete curriculum from Class 1 to Class 12

♣ Game Scripts being developed by highly experienced faculty members

♣ Provision to play in single mode or group mode inolving peers

♣ Provision for teachers and parents to participate in game by assigning tasks ♣ 100% Kid Safe

♣ No promotional content displayed

Product/Technology/IP Strategy

♣ Available as Product

♣ IP will be protected through Trademark, Copyright and Design Patent

GTM Strategy

♣ Limited free trial to all for user experience

♣ Available on Subscription basis and as a Product (Hardware+Gamified Curriculum) on EMIs

♣ Use of both B2B and B2C to reach end customer

Competitive Landscape

♣ EduTech companies provide solutions to students for concept learning

♣ Available solutions provide audio, video and animated content

♣ Fail to excite, motivate and engage students for long duration

♣ Proposed Solution is innovative, novel and unique

♣ No Solution exactly of the proposed form exists in the market

Financial Status and Plan

♣ Need funding to the tune of 25 Lacs to support development and marketing

♣ We invest an equal inkind matching support in ideation, conceptualization, prototying and product development

Milestones with Timeline

Current Status

♣ Game scripts for first two levels of all the subjects of Class 1 ready

♣ Solution Design ready

♣ Development started

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